"Give us this day" is a photographic proposal that puts in conversation, the lottery industry and Nigerian religious zealotry. 

Hope, if considered a commodity, sells amazingly well— especially in lesser-privileged communities. Lottery games and religious zealotry are common worldly phenomena and usually separate. On the Lagos mainland however, they present similarities: their organisational structure, social effects and the psychological functions they occupy seem comparable, if not identical. The most prominent and lucrative venture for lotteries and majority religious institutions relies on the merchandising of Hope. "Give Us this Day" is a photographic project exploring the interlinks between these practices, their overlaps, and the functions they co-perform: to provide—at little cost—a reason to believe that tomorrow may be better than today, even when evidences strikingly point to the contrary. 

This project won the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts 2019/2020 (details here)

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