Golden points

This project is evidence against the stereotype of gender roles and a conversation on the reality of the power present in the nature of both sexes. Observing various sports, I have seen how intense the strive for victory blurs the line that separate women and men into categories of the weak and strong.

The roles of women and men in most sports are basically the same; competing, teaching or coaching, assisting, spectatorship, judging, training … but in a society where sports is stereotypically perceived as a Male or Masculine preserve, many times, women are discouraged, overlooked and often less rewarded for sporting achievements than male counterparts.

This project aims to explore sports as a spectacle of gender equality, To re-tell the stories of our favorite sports without the filter of male dominance. To investigate the challenging lives of athletes in Nigeria, with a focus on Sportswomen, their common and unique challenges in hopes of contributing to the re-education of people and communities, To comment against the common reduction that female athletes receive as reward for all the work they do.

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